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Mr. Md Imam Hossain

Mr. Md Imam HossainMr. Imam (Chief Technology Officer) has working knowledge and experience with real world application of technologies. He graduated from University of Technology Sydney in 2016 with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree.

The main strength of SALHOS is it’s people and their vast expertise with different technologies. Different tools and software packages of latest paradigms will be used to derive most economic results. In addition to traditional way of doing things, SALHOS also looks into numerical and graphical approach as a method for solving problems in a short period of time. Modern CAE packages and numerical solvers are integral part of SALHOS activities.

SALHOS is constantly growing as people at SALHOS are always mastering problems of different natures. SALHOS presently holds significant expertise in Mechanical and Software Engineering, backed by more than 4 years of practical knowledge and experience.

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  • System Automations
  • Engineering Documentations
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SALHOS is coined by University of Technology Sydney Mechanical Engineering graduate Md Imam Hossain after seeing tremendous needs of engineering solution to local businesses who could perform better and reduce business operational cost. In the fluctuating and interconnected modern environment a technology focused approach to real world problems is the goal of SALHOS Engineering. People at SALHOS will utilise both mechanical and software engineering for any small to large problems to come up with a novel solution.

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Md Imam Hossain
M: +61 410 095 309

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